How To: Do ab exercises on the BOSU ball

Do ab exercises on the BOSU ball

This video shows the method to do ab exercises on the BOSU ball. The video features five exercises. The first exercise involves push ups. The BOSU ball is put upside down and push ups are started. The legs rise as we go down and come forward as we go up. In the next exercise we lie on the ball and make a 'L' shape of the legs to the rest of the body. A right angle is formed at the knees. The right leg comes up as the left hand comes up and vice versa. The third exercise involves putting your belly on the ball as you lie down. The head and legs go up and down till the level of the ball. In the fourth exercise, we sit on the ball and bring the legs and abdomen nearer and farther from each other. Lastly, the legs and hands are up while we lie on the ball. The right leg and the left hand come closer and touch each other and vice versa.

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