How to Do the S61XL arm workout routine with Scooby to tone your arms

Fitness gurus always recommend you have fun during your workouts in order to keep your mind and body stimulated and to get you to keep working out. But we all know that after a few lateral lifts and jumpkin squats we're feeling more exhausted and in pain than excited and energetic.

If you need a little boost in your workout routine or just need someone to work out along with you, check out this fitness video for a fourty minute arm routine, which you'll do alongside Scooby.

Who has the biggest arms, Scooby or Scooby? Scooby does his own S61xl arm workout while trash talking himself. Scooby vs. Scooby Smackdown! Seriously though, this video shows you how to use the S61XL videos to workout just like you would your old P90X videos.

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