How To: Do Push-Ups and Crunches to Get Ripped at Home

Do Push-Ups and Crunches to Get Ripped at Home

This how-to video is for anybody looking to gain lean muscle right in the convenience of your own home with little to no equipment. The intensity and variety of these exercises makes for an effective muscle-building workout.

Standard Pushup

With hands extended slightly outside shoulder-width apart, knees locked and back straight, lower your chest in a controlled motion stopping about two inches from the ground, and explode up squeezing your chest without locking your elbows.  *This exercise works more of the middle region of the chest.

Close Grip Pushup

Placing hands shoulder width apart, perform the regular pushup movement while keeping elbows tight at your side. *This exercise focuses on the triceps and inner chest.

Plyometric Pushup

Position and lower your body as if you were about to do a regular pushup, but on your way up, explode up using your arms to elevate your body off the ground, and clap your hands in mid air. *This exercise incorporates the fast twitch muscle fibers, which assists in building muscle.

Resistance Band Pushup

Similar to regular pushups, the resistance bands will add resistance to help over-exert your muscles.

Lateral Pushup with Ball

With a medicine ball (or any other hard round ball), transfer each arm on the ball while shifting your body weight on the outside arm. *This works both the outer chest and the outer triceps.

Incline Pushup

With the regular pushup form, put feet on a resistance ball (or chair, couch, bed, etc.) and perform routine pushups while squeezing your upper chest. *This is similar to an incline bench press working the upper chest.

Band Ball Crunch

Tie the bands around a pole, and with your lower back resting on the ball and feet firmly planted on the ground, grip the bands while raising and squeezing your abs and hold for a count. Slowly lower and repeat.

Reverse Band Crunch

Place feet in handles of bands and wrap them around a pole, keeping your legs at a 90 degree angle. Raise your knees to your chest. Hold for a count. Lower slowly and repeat. *Focuses more on the upper ab region.

Regular Crunch

Lie on your back and keep abs tight throughout the entire motion. Raise your upper torso off the ground without moving your feet or hips up towards the ceiling. Hold and squeeze for a count. Repeat. *Incorporates the entire abs, mainly the middle and lower abs.

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That was very informative plus helpful for me since i have started my work out at home and was unaware regarding the following push-ups styles. I really liked it and would start doing it from today itself.

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