How To: Do medicine ball knee tucks

Do medicine ball knee tucks

Learn how to do medicine ball knee tucks. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

Knee tucks are more than an abs cruncher. The use of the stability ball trains your abs to have a greater degree of stability and control, while also improving your shoulder stability and endurance.

Starting Position
Start in a plank style pushup position so that your shins and shoelaces are on the stability ball and your hands are on the floor. Your head and neck should be in line with your spine. Keep your toes pointed to avoid perching on the ball with your toes.

1. Keeping your hips and core stable throughout the movement, tuck your knees up towards your chest and shoulders so that the ball rolls towards your head, performing a posterior pelvic tilt so that your hips tuck up and under.
2. When you have brought the ball in as close as you can, reverse the motion and extend your legs back out to the starting plank position. Control the movement throughout. It is crucial that you not push so far that your back drops and arches.
3. From your full extension, slowly bring your feet back toward you and repeat the entire movement from the starting position.

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