How To: Define your lower abs with bar exercises

Define your lower abs with bar exercises

In this video, John Alvino talks about his favorite lower ab exercises. The first is called the lowball pulling. You begin by putting your feet on top of a swiss ball, put your hands in push up position, have good stability and bring your knees towards your chest and then extend it out, all while contracting your abs. The next lower ab exercise Alvino discusses is called the hanging knee raise. With an overhead bar, grip on to the bar and allow your body to hang in a pull up position. Bring your knees towards your chest and extend back down. Continue range of motion until knees are all the way up to your chest, all while contracting your belly. This can also be done with straight legs bringing shins all the way up to the bar. The last lower ab exercise, also the most difficult, is called rocky abs. While lying down on a bench, grab the underside of the bench, lift up your legs and elevate your hips. Then you lower legs while keeping hips up and continue that pattern. These three exercises will get you the six pack you’ve always wanted.

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