How To: Do a bodybuilding crunch exercise for 6-pack abs

Do a bodybuilding crunch exercise for 6-pack abs

Don't let the TV ads convince you to buy some bulky contraption that will gather dust in your closet, crunches are safe and effective! This how-to video shows how to do crunches with varying degrees of difficulty based on your ability. Remember that ab exercises alone will not give you abs! If you have the best abs in the world they will be completely invisible if you are overweight. Aerobic exercise and proper diet are even more important than ab exercises in getting that sought after 6-pack. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to do a body-building crunch exercise.

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the angle of the camera makes me think he's fighting more than just gravity in every crunch

I'm skinny as hell, and you can see my abs but they aren't like real abs. Will this build them?

All resistance training will build muscle.
Non-resistance training involves electrical impulses and just flexing withour resistance and will NOT build muscle.

@bawtt, yeah i think so, but you need to eat more food to make them look like this guy's. My friend in middle school had a brother that looked like this guy except less tan and more mullet and he would always ridicule us for being weaklings.

It helped me get into the optimum shape that i am in today.

Wow I never thought of it that way lol, now I can put out alot more without getting in pain.

I have four abs already. I'm worried about doing this crunches because i only feel pain in the upper four abs,but is it still safe to do this in order to get six abs?

I have already upper four abs and im trying to get another 2 lower abs.. When i do this crunches i feel pain only in the upper four abs, but is it still safe to do this crunches in order to get six abs?

You always have 6 abs :P, some just aren't visible because of some fat you have over them. Just crunch and do some basic fat lessening exercises, like running or going around on a bike.

None of the vidoes on the website are playing for me.

i am 15 years can i do these exercises????

None of te videos ar playing for me either!!!

n00bs. and is he seriously wearing a pair of hawaiian short shorts?

None of the video is playing..!

The proper way to crunch! Forces abs to have constant tension on them.

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