How To: Do an arm-toning routine for women

Do an arm-toning routine for women

In this video from modernmom we learn how to do an arm toning routine for women. It's a short exercise routine that you can do every other day. You'll need 5-8 lb dumbbells. You'll work biceps, triceps, chest, back of arms and shoulders. Do each exercise 10-12 reps. Do at least 3 times a week. First is front raise lifting up weights in front of your thighs bringing them to shoulder level. Exhale out as you lift. Bicep curl works the front of the arm. It gives shape and definition to that part of your arm. Keep elbows at sides and exhale as you curl the elbows up to the shoulder. The chest fly is next. Do on something that elevates you off the floor. Bring your arms to the side body level. And bring arms back up squeezing the chest together. Last exercise is done by taking the weights and bringing them up with the elbows bent and then extend the arm straight back squeezing the triceps muscle!

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