How To: Do squat thrusts

Do squat thrusts

Learn how to do squat thrusts. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

Squat thrusts, or burpies as they are commonly known, are much beloved by trainers, athletes and bodybuilders alike because they combine the benefits of the squat with the added bonus of the jump for additional hard work and explosive training.

Starting Position
With your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down as far as you can and place your hands on the ground at shoulder width as if you are about to do a push-up.

1. From the starting position, kick your feet back into the push-up position in one fluid motion.
2. Immediately lift up your feet and shoot them back towards your hands, landing them back at starting position.
3. Immediately jump up as high as you can in a full jump, then land in the starting position so you are ready for your next rep.

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