How To: Do barbell single leg squats

Do barbell single leg squats

Michelle Trap, a Certified Personal Trainer from Gold's Gym, teaches the viewers how to do barbell leg squats. First, use the Smith machine to do the leg squats. It is beneficial because the machine holds you in place. You will also need to place a bench behind you since you will use this when you lift your legs. Rack the barbell slightly lower than your shoulder and have a slight split stance with your front food centered. With this stance, take your back legs and place it on the bench behind you. Do a leg squat, slowly come down, and press up with your front leg. This works out your quadriceps. Go straight down and drive up with your heel. Make sure you are perpendicular and straight. Also, make sure your knee does not come over your toe! When you are finished with the front leg, step down, switch legs and repeat. When done, rack the barbell up and you have just completed a set of barbell single leg squats!

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