How To: Complete the Skull Krusher to tone triceps and arms

Complete the Skull Krusher to tone triceps and arms

Don't worry guys: the Skull Krusher isn't as intimidating as it sounds, and no skulls - especially not yours - will be harmed in the process. Check out this muscle building video to learn how to complete the Skull Krusher.

The move involves lying down on a bench and then reverse bench pressing a short bar upwards. This move is excellent for toning your arms and especially your triceps.

Remember to drive your knuckles toward the wall by your feet as you drive the bar to the top position.

"Squeeze water out of a sponge" in the tricep area during the contraction; especially during the top of the positive or concentric phase of the movement.

Focus on keeping the elbows pinned tight to your side as you drive the dumbbell high through the ceiling.

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