How To: Do the "super abs" workout

Do the "super abs" workout

This video shows you how to perform a superset of abdominal exercises. The instructor calls this workout the Super Abs workout. The 1st exercise is dumbbell crunches. To perform dumbbell crunches , lay flat on a stability ball with a suitable weight held behind your head and do normal crunches. Do not jerk your neck. Do up to 15-25 reps. Next exercise is hanging knee raises. You hang onto a pull-up bar and raise your knees up to your chest. Do 15-25 reps. The 3rd exercise is ball roll-ins. Place yourself in a push-up position with your feet on the stability ball. Bend in your knees so that the ball rolls inwards and roll out. This is 1 rep. DO 15-25 reps. After these exercises, there are 2 more :- double crunches and scissors with a medicine ball. All the exercises are properly described in this video.

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