How To: Laugh away your abs

Laugh away your abs

Get a six-pack of rock hard abs with this new workout sensation: laughter. Practicing Laughter Yoga brings a host of health benefits, both physical and emotion

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That is so CREEPY.

yes it is so creepy

Oh man! I am for sure gonna forward this to my friends!

it's totally legit mike. like people practice this!!! i could only imagine my mom. ahahaha... well there goes 20 calories!

bahahahah its so contagious!

lololol shes funny and scary at the same time :P


So, the last laugh was definitely the best.. but that death stare at the end didn't make me laugh. I actually felt a little scared. It was all fun and games until she burned a hole into my soul :(

Can we all just agree this is creepy and remove it?

That is weird and funny

the title is kinda the opposite

I am quite scared, there is actually people who do this?


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