How To: Do a push up with medicine balls to build your chest

Do a push up with medicine balls to build your chest

This video demonstrates how to use a few very simple tools to do a few variations on your push-ups, including how to do a medicine ball push-up. These exercises are great for stimulating muscle growth in the chest area. Before getting to the medicine ball push-up, we're shown some ways to more safely and effectively perform push-ups. One issue with the push-up is that when you put your hands on the floor your wrists are in a vulnerable position. When you can straighten out your wrist, it's safer on the wrists and the tension can more safely go to the chest. To do this you can use either a push-up stand or some dumbbells. With the dumbbells, put them should-length apart or slightly wider. Your wrist will stay nice and tightly straight. Beginners should not do any more advanced form of push-ups until they can perform 20 push-ups with the push-up stand or dumbbells. Once you can do 20, you can move up to doing these push-ups with your feet elevated to a bench so that they're higher than your head. This puts more resistance on your chest. Finally, we're shown how to do the medicine ball push-up. This is a little bit less stable, but it lets you get more of a stretch in your chest, and a great feeling from the unique tension you get from these. For the really advanced people, we're shown how to do the medicine ball push-ups with your feet elevated on a bench.

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