How To: Exercise to get 6-pack abs

Exercise to get 6-pack abs

In order to get 6-pack abs, the most important part of this process is to lose weight. You can do that by increasing cardio exercise and decreasing your caloric intake. There is an iPhone app that can help you called "LoseIt". It will keep up with your weight loss and your plan. It will tell you your calorie budget for the day. It keeps up with your calories. It keeps track of your food intake. It will keep track of your exercise. After you have your diet mapped out, then you will need to do abdominal exercises. You will need to do crunches, bicycles, and hanging leg raises. Plant your feet hip distance apart with knees bent, as you lay on your back for crunches. Place your hands behind your head. Relax your head and neck and lift straight up to the ceiling. Then, transition to your bicycles, when you have done as many crunches as you can. Next, do hanging leg raises. You can do them with bent knees or straight legs. Keep your hips stationary. Do all three without breaks. Then, rest before repeating all three again.

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