How To: Do stationary box lunges/Bulgarian split squats to tone your thighs

Do stationary box lunges/Bulgarian split squats to tone your thighs

No pain no gain, ladies and gents. If you want a fabulous body, trying to take the easy way out by trying those hokey "As Seen On TV" exercise machines or just by starving yourself is going to get you nowhere fast. Neither serve to encourage long term weight loss results, and while you may lose weight, most of that weight is going to be loss of muscle mass because you're not exercising.

If you want to both lose weight while maintaining muscle mass to look firm and toned, check out the leg and thigh toning exercise in this video. Known as a stationary box lunge/Bulgarian split squat, this exercise is killer, but you'll see results within a few weeks.

This exercise is very good for leg development. Most of you will benefit from doing single leg exercises. Most people who do regular squats or leg presses have an imbalance in their hips, glutes, or hamstrings.

This imbalance throws and uneven stress into the spine, especially when you do two legs at a time and go too heavy. You can still build mass with this one legged exercise and it is safer than most two legged.

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