How To: Work out your legs with lunges and scissor switches

Work out your legs with lunges and scissor switches

Learn how to do alternate lunges and scissor switches. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness
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Ready for a tough leg workout that combines the power of the lunge with the added difficulty of a jump? This exercise starts with alternating lunges, one of the best full-leg workouts available, then adds in scissor switches, which are essentially jumping alternating lunges that build not just leg strength but also balance and coordination. With a total of 40 combined reps in a set, you'll even get a good cardio workout.

Starting Position
Stand upright with feet about hip-distance apart. Place your hands on your head, with your elbows out.

1. From the starting position, step forward with one foot as you drop the back knee toward the floor. Do not push your front knee past your ankle. Think of lowering down through the back thigh, rather than pushing on the front foot.
2. Reverse direction and drive off the front foot as you bring the back knee up to return the front foot to its original position
3. Repeat the same movement with the other leg forward until you have done a total of 10 alternating lunges.
4. Next move on to jump scissor switches. These are the same as the lunges described above, but instead of stepping back and bringing your feet back together across the floor after the lunge, you jump into the air out of the lunge and land with your feet reversed. If you started with right foot forward and left back, you land with your left foot forward and right back, then reverse again and jump so that you land with your right food forward and left foot back.
5. Repeat the jump scissor until you have done a total of 10 alternating switches.
6. With resting, return to the starting position and do 10 reps of alternating lunges.
7. When you have completed the second set of 10 alternating lunges, immediately do another 10 reps of the scissor switches.

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