How To: Tone with dumbbell pushup rows

Tone with dumbbell pushup rows

Pushups are a great workout at any level of bodybuilding. However, if you feel that you're ready for something more advanced, dumbbell rows are a good option for the next step in your advancement. They offer a new challenge and a different way to work out the same muscles you do with pushups.

Push-ups are a good exercise to work your chest but you can add in a light dumbbell row to really work your core to the extreme while you get your chest and back.

This is not a mass building or strengthening exercise.

If you are looking to functionally train your core or just try something new this a fun and challenging exercise to choose.

Remember, if you are a man or woman, child or adult, your exercise program must include exercises such as squats, dead lifts, bench presses, pull-ups lat pulls, military presses, etc. to be successful.

Exercises such as this are supplementary and are best used sparingly.

also; In order to change your body intensity is the most important variable to monitor in your weight training program.

Intensity is how high the weight you are lifting is to your 1RM.

Make sure you use periodization and you will not plateau and achieve your fitness, strength and body composition goals.

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