How To: Do a plyometrics chest workout

Do a plyometrics chest workout

Follow along as Yuri Elkaim shows us how to do a plyometrics chest workout. This will help improve your overall upper body strength.

-The first exercise is going to be a clap pushup. Get in pushup position, go down and when you come up clap. You want to work on exploding into each position.
-For this next exercise you will need a step. You are going to get into pushup position, go down, and when you come back up land on an elevated surface (the step). Then, while on the elevated surface do a pushup and land back on the floor. Repeat.
-You will also need a step for this exercise. Get in pushup position but start with one hand on the step and one hand off. Do a pushup and land with the opposite hand on the step, do a pushup and return to your starting position. Repeat.
-Now, you are going to do a staggered pushup. Start with your left hand up and your right hand back, do a pushup and when you come back down your right hand should be up and your left hand back. Repeat.

There you have it, a simple plyometric workout to strengthen your upper body.

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