How To: Do a really really good back work out

Do a really really good back work out

Jenny DiDonato with MadefitTV demonstrates a really good back workout.

The first exercise is called the Resistance Band Lat Pull Down. Hold the resistance band above the head and bring it down the back to the shoulders and back up again. Do 20-30 repetitions.

Next comes the Dumbbell Row to Deadlift, a great exercise for both the upper and lower back. Holding the dumbbells with the palms facing each other, bend at the hips with legs slightly bent, keeping the eyes focused ahead on a point on the wall. Bend forward, stand back up, bend down again, bring arms straight back and then back down, then up straight. Do 12-15 repetitions.

The third exercise is the Back Extension to Lat Pull. Lay on the stomach, arms out in front holding the resistance band. Raise your legs and torso at the same time, pulling the band back toward you, and back down. Do 12-15 repetitions.

The final exercise in the session is the Bent Arm Back Row, which is good for the upper back. Holding the dumbbells with palms facing you, bend forward; raise the arms outward parallel to the wall, and back down. Do 15 repetitions.

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