How To: Do a dive bomber push-up exercise

Do a dive bomber push-up exercise

Dive bombers are one of many variations of the push-up exercise. It is excellent for upper body conditioning. The dive bomber push-up is a bodyweight exercise, which means that no special equipment is required.

Begin with your hands and feet approximately shoulder width apart. Straighten your arms and lower your head down. Lift your butt into the air and straighten your legs.

Next, dive forward and down (as if to maneuver under a low bar) by lowering your head and chest close to the ground. As you dive, your elbows should be out by your sides. Now scoop yourself up by fully extending your arms. Your lower back should be arched. Your hips should be just above the ground.

Finally, perform the scoop in the reverse direction to return to the starting position.

Step 1
Hands and feet shoulder width apart. Straighten legs. Lift butt in air.

Step 2
Lower the head and chest as if to maneuver under a bar.

Step 3
Scoop yourself up. Arms straight. Return to the starting position by performing the scoop in reverse direction.

Do a dive bomber push-up exercise

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