How To: Use a sledgehammer to tone your stomach

Use a sledgehammer to tone your stomach

Believe it or not, a sledgehammer is a great way to workout those abs and those love handles. You can easily (okay, not easily) lose belly fat by swinging that heavy hammer around instead of going to the gym. No gym membership and you can do it right in your own backyard! Watch this video tutorial to help you learn how to use a sledgehammer to tone your stomach.

You can get different workouts from

5 Minute Sledgehammer Workout
10 Minute Sledgehammer Workout

Only do these workouts for a total of 4 to 6 times a week to help reduce belly fat or lose ALL your belly fat.

Plus, remember, it's also good to be on a good diet to get rid of belly fat. Here are some quick and simple tips:

1. Avoid junk food (duh).
2. Exercise, but don't do cardio (do intervals).
3. Do six pack exercises.

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