How To: Work out your butt with Brooke Burke

Work out your butt with Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke and Autumn Calabrese walk the viewer through a super-effective, targeted butt workout, doable in your living room in only 5 minutes. The first exercise, a "Heel Press", is done from your hands and knees. Keeping your head in line with your spine and your belly button tucked in, press one heel toward the ceiling, then bring it all the way into your chest. Brooke recommends 15-20 reps on each leg. The next exercise, "Crossovers", builds on the Heel Press. After pressing your heel to the ceiling, bring your knee across and behind your other leg, for 10-15 reps per leg. The "Fire Hydrant" starts from the same position, and requires you to push your knee out to the side and then extend your foot. Bring your leg back to the ground for one rep, repeat 15 times per leg.

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