How To: Get a sculpted butt with Brooke Burke

Get a sculpted butt with Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke, a leader in the exercise industry shows us how to get a fabulous butt. These exercises takes fifteen minutes or less. Use a workout ball. Do these three times a week for best results.
For the first exercise, lay over the ball with your hips touching the ball with the feet extended behind you. Lift the one leg up at a time. Lift each leg fifteen times.
The next exercise do the same motion, but with both legs at the same time. Pause at the top.
The final exercise is called the frog. While laying on the ball, place the souls of the feet together, imagine that you are trying to touch the ceiling. Put a little pressure between feet. Squeeze butt at the top, and push up.
There are no excuses for at home moms not to work out. You can get your child to do this with you.
Keep the exercises in the same order as described, and do it three times a week for best results.

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