How To: Do the bench dip with Cosmo Girl

Do the bench dip with Cosmo Girl

Tone your arms for summer with help from this video hosted by magazine, Cosmo Girl! Get the arms you want with help from this step-by-step instructional on how to do the bench dip.

1. Place your feet firmly on ground, keeping three feet forward while sitting on the edge of a steady chair/bench.

2. Slowly move your butt forward maintaining it with the chair/seat level, while doing this process make sure you hold your palm on the seat with fingers pointing forward (downwards).

3. After a minimal forward movement, lower your butt about a foot, keeping your arms at right angle (90 degrees) and your back straight.

a) Return to your to the former position (rise up).

b) Doing this two sets of twenty will give you a good posture and balance.

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