How To: Do an oblique twist ab exercise

Do an oblique twist ab exercise

The obliques are used to assist with rotation of the torso, as well as basic abdominal contractions. This exercise is great if you want to target the oblique muscles. Unlike traditional abdominal exercises, the oblique twist works other muscle groups as well.

To begin the torso twist, anchor the resistance tubing to any stationary object, preferably at chest level. Stand sideways approximately 5 feet away. The feet should be positioned just past shoulder width apart. Firmly grasp the resistance tubing handles with one hand and overlap the fisted handles with the other hand. Place arms out in front of your chest. The arms should never bend at any time during this exercise. Next, rotate the upper torso approximately 90 degrees, and then return to the starting position. The head, arms, and hands should be symmetrically aligned the whole time. Do not rush this exercise.

Step 1
Anchor resistance bands. Stand with feet apart. Extend arms in front of chest.

Step 2
Stretch tubing by rotating torso approx 90 degrees. Exhale.

Step 3
Slowly return to the starting position.

Do an oblique twist ab exercise

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