How To: Do a heel toucher ab exercise

Do a heel toucher ab exercise

Here is a simple exercise. Heel touchers are primarily used to work the oblique muscles. The obliques are used to assist with rotation of the torso, as well as basic abdominal contractions. The obliques are commonly referred to as the "love handles." It is important to note that even though the heel toucher is an oblique exercise, the entire abdominal area is being worked. A workout mat or soft surface is recommended.

Start in the supine position (on your back) with your knees bent and hands by your sides. Contract the abs by lifting the shoulders about 3 inches off the floor. Reach to one side and touch your heel. Do the same thing on the other side. Repeat the movement in alternating fashion. As you reach for the heels, try to manually contract the oblique muscles to make the exercise more effective. Be sure to keep the head straight and chin up.

Step 1
Lie on your back.

Step 2
Crunch the abs. Touch the heels one at a time in alternating fashion.

Do a heel toucher ab exercise

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