How To: Do a tricep pushup to lose belly fat

Do a tricep pushup to lose belly fat

Anne Knowler Fitness demonstrates how to banish belly fat with a triceps pushup home workout. First, position yourself in a pushup position with your elbows in tight to your ribs. Then, lower yourself down, letting your chest and nose reach the ground. Keep the shoulders out in front of the hands. In this workout, the triceps are doing all of the work. Keep a perfect plank when doing the pushup. Return to the pushup position to do the obliques by raising your hands to the ceiling in a windmill exercise. Let the feet and legs pivot around by controlling the movement with a tight stomach. Next, relax your body on the floor and lift your lower leg while keeping the other leg at a 90 degree angle with the rest of your body. Make circles with your foot in the front and backwards motion. Then, touch your toes to the front and back of your body. Continue the workout with a side plank. Repeat the exercises on the other side of your body to complete the obliques and hips workout.

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