How To: Make your waist smaller with an abdominal exercise

Make your waist smaller with an abdominal exercise

In this video from fatlosslifestyle we learn how to get a smaller waist and to burn belly fat. In this exercise he is lying down, bending the knees. You are creating a vacuum in a sense. You take a deep breath in forcing your belly button to push up towards the ceiling, then as you blow the air out, feel your belly button going down. When you have 3/4 of the air out, hold your breath, and suck in through your throat with your breath being held. Visualize your organs going up into your diaphragm. Draw your innards down and up under your ribcage and hold for about 5 seconds. If you're doing this right you should feel a warm sensation in the pubic area. This is the only ab exercise that will make your waist smaller he says.

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