How To: Do an outdoor fat burning workout

Do an outdoor fat burning workout

How to Do an outdoor fat burning workout

Personal fitness coach Yuri Elkaim demonstrates how to do an outdoor fat burning workout. You'll need a rubber exercise band and a tree or a pole for the workout. First, warm up by going for a 5-minute jog. Then do a 30-second squat press. Next, do a 30-second set of pushups. From there, attach the exercise band to a tree, squat into a sitting position and extend the band to you. Do this exercise for 30 seconds. Add a speed skating motion for 30 seconds. Do the four exercises for 30 seconds each and then take a 1-minute break and repeat. For a more intense workout, add activity to the 1-minute break. You don't need a gym, just an exercise band and the outdoors for a great workout.

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