How To: Do a pec pump chest workout to gain muscle for advanced bodybuilders

Do a pec pump chest workout to gain muscle for advanced bodybuilders

If you've ever seriously committed to an exercise program (so we don't mean hitting the gym a week in a row because of vacation guilt and then stopping entirely), then you'reknow what happens after doing the same round of exercises a few times: You plateau. It's super frustrating because you know you're trying your hardest, but what happens is your muscles go into maintence mode and are adjusting to your exercises, so they don't have to work as hard. How do you still gain muscle and keep losing fat?

This series is for the hardcore intermediate or advanced bodybuilders who wants to gain muscle and is willing to work hard to get it. If your gains have stagnated and you are having trouble making progress then this hour-long workout video will help you build past that plateau.

Please do not attempt these S61XL workouts unless you have been weight lifting five days a week for at least a year.

For best results, don't use these workouts every week but rather use them at most once a month. A good workout plan for an advanced bodybuilder might be to workout every bodypart once a week and to follow this progression.

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