How To: Build massive chest muscles with the dumbell press

Build massive chest muscles with the dumbell press

If you're tired of getting sand kicked in your face at the beach because of your tiny chest muscles then the dumbell press exercise is for you. This professional tutorial demonstrates the simple workout that can build up your pectoral muscles in a healthy manner. The dumbell bench press is an awesome functional, athletic movement for you athletes. You will work the target muscle better by visualizing the target muscle. Go slow (a 3-1-3 tempo), and visualize that you are squeezing water out of a sponge in the chest. Think about driving the elbows together versus the dumbbells. Remember it is not how much weight you lift, but it is how you lift it. All the time it takes is 4-5 hours per week, with a well thought out plan. Remember, to keep your feet, buns, & shoulder blades in contact with the floor and the bench at all times. Keep the chest open and blades closed with the lower back about 3-5 inches off the bench. Make sure to squeeze the fists together going down and coming up. 3 Sets, getting to failure safely at 12 reps (1st set), 10 reps (2nd set), 6-8 reps (3rd set).

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