How To: Use a resistance band to work out: your chest

Use a resistance band to work out: your chest

Use a resistance band to work out: your chest There are lots of creative ways to use resistance bands. This video is about building stronger chest muscles with resistance bands. Resistance bands challenge your muscles in a different way. Movement 1- A front chest press Step on band with one foot. Keep body aligned. Keep back straight. Bring palms up. Keep forearm parallel to the ground, press forward. Exhale on exertion. Keep abs nice and tight. This is an awesome shoulder and chest workout. Movement 2- Chest fly Use the same stance as the previous. Palms face forward and close it in. Chest up. Arms are not past the back. Firm squeeze. Movement 3 - Single Arm Chest Fly This exercise forces your body to control itself. Stand on the band. Work one side of the body at a time. Squeeze the pecs. Focus on the chest. Movement 4 - Resistance band push up Put band over your back. Get on the ground. This creates resistance on the way up and down when doing the push up. Do ten to twelve repetitions per side.

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