How To: Do standing bicep curls to tone arms and gain muscle

Do standing bicep curls to tone arms and gain muscle

Want massive, Arnold Schwartzenegger-worthy shoulders? Well, you'll have to work for it, but they're achievable with a few strategic exercises. Building muscle, especially big muscles like your biceps, requires heavy resistance.

Check out this video to learn how to do seated curl-bar shoulder presses. Yes, they're a bit hard to do, but we promise you will build large deltoids within just a few weeks if you keep up the work.

The standing biceps curl is a great arm/biceps exercise. Work very hard on linking up your "mind muscle" connection.

Remember to vary up the grip; from wide, to medium, to narrow.

Also remember to squeeze the elbows toward each other while pushing the arms and bar out front of your body.

Use a 3-1-3-1 second tempo contraction. Three seconds on the negative, 1 second at the bottom of the movement with the muscle elongated, 3 seconds on the positive and 1 second at the top of the movement with the "squeeze water out of a sponge" mentality (in the target area) while you try to relax other body parts.

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