How To: Use an exercise band

Use an exercise band

This video shows you how to use an exercise band to do bicep curls, triceps extensions and shoulder raises along with some fun extensions of these basic exercises. When doing the bicep curl with the band it is very important to ensure that the band is firmly secured under your shoe, so that it does not slip forwards and snap. Once the band is secure you must curl the arms up towards the shoulders, keeping your elbows bent and close to your sides. The arms are still working in a negative resistance when they are being lowered. Exhale as you curl up and inhale as you lower the arms. For the second exercise, raise your arms outwards only as far as the shoulders. Keep the arms straight with the elbow only slightly bent. This targets the deltoids at the top of the shoulder. For the triceps exercise you must attach the band to something secure like a door handle, banister or column. Keep your body in a flexed forward position from the hips. Pull the band backwards so that your elbows extend out straight. This simple exercises will give your body a tone that you will love.

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