How To: Get thinner thighs with an easy at home workout

Get thinner thighs with an easy at home workout

The host of the video, Sara is joined by Stephen. Sara introduces Stephen, and how he has come up with a leg work out you can easily do at home, with just a chair. First off they start off with a lateral step up. With this you will be able to work the inner and outer thighs. With the chair in position, Stephen instructs Sara to put her left foot on the chair, right foot on the floor. Pushing, off with her left foot, she is completely raised, in a standing position on the chair, pulling her right leg up. Twisting her upper torso, to the opposite direction, and keeping her legs in alignment, she steps down, and does another rep. He then instructs her to do the same, on the other side of the chair, to work her right leg.

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