How To: Do cable crossovers

Do cable crossovers

Make sure to get a complete upper body workout and add cable crossovers to your exercise routine. These crossovers can be done at varying angles to work a variety of chest and arm muscles without changing machines. Your pecs will thank you.

If you only do bench presses, you're neglecting your inner pecs. The antidote? 200 CCs of cable crossovers.

You Will Need

  * Cable pulley machine

Step 1: Grab handles

Grab a handle in each hand and stand in the center between the pulleys.

Step 2: Bring arms down

Take a step and lean slightly forward as you slowly bring your arms down in front of you as if you were about to hug a bear.

To hit different areas of your pecs, use different weights and bring your arms together at different heights—head high, chest high, navel high, and so on.

Step 3: Squeeze hands together

Squeeze your hands together for a beat. This is when you're making your inner chest work.

Step 4: Release arms

Slowly release your arms back until you feel a slight stretch in your chest.

Step 5: Pull arms down & repeat

Pull your arms down again and do as many cable crossovers as you want.

You can also work your inner chest on the "pec deck station," or "fly machine."

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