How To: Do flat bench freestyle kicks

Do flat bench freestyle kicks

Learn how to do flat bench freestyle kicks and sculpt your body without weights. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.
Freestyle swimmers who need more kick out of their caboose will appreciate this exercise. The flat bench freestyle kick mimics the freestyle swim kick in a dry land environment, workings the legs and hips.

Muscles Worked
Legs Hips

Starting Position
Lie facedown on a bench so that your hips are just held up by the bench and your legs are held straight out behind you. Hold on to each side of the bench with your hands.


1. From the starting position, begin kicking in a freestyle swim kick, using your hips, butt, and upper legs muscles to propel your legs up and down in a fast flutter kick. Try to keep your knees straight throughout; the majority of the work comes from the hip region. Keep kicking for 60 seconds to complete the exercise.

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