How To: Do the dead lift to get V-tapered lats

Do the dead lift to get V-tapered lats

Do you want sculpted, V-shaped lats that make your backside look like God's gift to women? Then check out this fitness tutorial to learn how to do the dead lift, an exercise move that involves picking up a heavy weight from the floor and bringing it to your hip level.

This exercise is much more effective than isolated exercises at toning your back, core, and glutes.

The dead lift is considered by many to be the king of all exercises.

Watch this video and make sure to use proper technique. Do not think that more weight is better. Perfect the form first with light weights and then and only then get aggressive with this movement.

The dead lift is one of the only exercises that will raise your anabolic hormones (testosterone and human growth hormone) naturally. The dead lift is so intense that the body perceives a life or death situation.

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