How To: Do a cable crossover exercise

Do a cable crossover exercise

Cable crossovers are great for building and shaping the chest muscles. This exercise is performed using a cable pulley machine. First, ensure that the cable pulley is mounted above shoulder height. Adjust the weight (usually a weight stack) as needed.

Grasp the handles of each cable and position yourself in the center of the pulleys. Your arms should be extended out to your sides with a slight bend in your elbow. Your legs can either be shoulder width apart, or you can lunge forward on one leg. Bend your waist forward slightly.

Next, keep your arms locked into position and bring both cable handles downward and to the center near the thigh area. Technically, the cables are supposed to "cross" each other. But you can also meet the cables handles in the center. Finally, control the momentum and raise the arms back up to the starting point.

Step 1
Grab handles. Stand in center of machine. Bend waist forward slightly.

Step 2
Bring pulleys to center (crossing the handles is optional).

Step 3
Return to start point. Be sure to control momentum on the way up.

Do a cable crossover exercise

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