How To: Do alternate stepback lunges with a plate twist

Do alternate stepback lunges with a plate twist

Learn how to do step back lunges with a plate twist. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

Strengthen the stability of your core and your hips as you give your legs a workout. Using a weight plate and body twist adds an intense edge to the classic lunge.

Muscles Worked
Full body

Starting Position
Stand upright holding a weight plate with both hands close to the front of your chest.

1. Step back with your left foot and perform a lunge, dropping down through the back knee while keeping your upper body vertical. Be sure to keep the weight more in your right heel and do not push forward with your right knee.
2. At the bottom of your lunge, press the weight plate directly in front of you at chest level and rotate through your upper body to the right. Your hips should stay facing forward even as your shoulders turn to face the right side.
3. Return your shoulders to center, bring the weight plate back in toward your chest, and step back up to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the right leg back, rotating left with your upper body this time, and continue to alternate for a set of 20 (10 reps in each direction).

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