How To: Get strong legs with speed double and single line hops

Get strong legs with speed double and single line hops

Learn how to do speed double and single line hops. Presented by Real Jock Gay Fitness Health & Life.

If you want powerful, functionally strong legs, try double- and single-line hops, which help build muscle mass, strength and explosive power simultaneously. For this variation on the exercise, you'll do the line hops as quickly as you can while maintaining form.

Starting Position
Using cables, string, or anything else you have handy, create two straight parallel lines on the floor about two to three feet apart from each other. Stand outside of one of the lines on the leg farthest away from that line with your body perpendicular to the line.

1. From the starting position, push off with the leg you are standing on and hop across the two- to three-foot gap to the outside of the other line.
2. Land outside of the far line on the foot farthest outside of that line, and then as quickly and with as much power as you can, push off with that foot and hop back across the gap separating the lines, landing on your starting foot.
3. Hop quickly back and forth across the double lines nine times, then immediately switch to single-line jumps. To do single-line hops, stand on one foot and hop back and forth on that foot across one of the lines.
4. After you have finished 10 single-line hops, do another nine double-line hops, followed by another 10 single-line hops. Do all of the hops at once without resting in between.

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