How To: Do advanced MMA strength training circuits for fighters

Do advanced MMA strength training circuits for fighters

Whether you're a high level athelete who's recently hit a muscle gain plateau or a wannabe UFC fighter looking to make it in the big leagues, this video provides everything you need to formulate an effective fat-burning strength training program. While cardio is always a must in any exercise regimen, strength training helps build and drastically strengthen muscle, meaning your body can more effectively perform work.

To learn a good, high-level strength training circuit designed for MMA fighter, simply take a gander at this video. You'll be shown how to do five circuits of the exercises presented, though it's ultimately up to you how many circuits you want to do.

Resistance training circuits are effective because they push the lactic acid threshold (LAT). All rounds were done with the fighter's mouth piece in (hypoxic training)
- jack the metabolism
- fat loss
- increase mental toughness
- increase power endurance
- build muscle, strength and power

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