News: Get the sledgehammer workout

Get the sledgehammer workout

Sometimes I just get hypnotized when I am watching a good instructional.

In this particular case, it is the iconoclastic work out, the Ford F-150 in the background, the relentless techno music, and the very muscular Jeff...who is no spring chicken.

Do the sledgehammer strength workout

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Braccia rubate all'agricoltura... non ? una novit? che spaccare le pietre faccia bene al fisico =/

great video

This video is INCREDIBLE.

So here we have tyler durden and for the background score, moist eurotrash techno.

I'm confused.

At least its a rather cheap way to work out your upper body. Or maybe we all just need to get jobs as unskilled laborers.

Used to do that work out quite often working light commercial construction work.

am just waiting for him to smash his face in

I will try the sledge stuff

Thanks for the video, Great Workout!

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