How To: Strengthen legs with deep squat exercises

Strengthen legs with deep squat exercises

Add deep squats to your workout to really strengthen your legs. Learn how exercising with squats can strengthen the legs in this fitness video. Take action: feet wider than shoulder-width, toes pointed out, keeping abs tight and chest high, squeeze quads at top of movement. Michelle, the instructor in this how-to video, is a personal trainer at a gym in NC and has been a personal trainer for several years. She is certified through ACE and is a certified aerobics instructor as well. Her Specialty is weight lifting and she enjoys training aspiring female body builders as she is one herself. She focuses on helping her clients stronger, healthier, and sending them out feeling better for it. The best part of her job is when she see people living a better life as a result of the physical training. She was also a Marine physical trainer before she was employed at the gym. Watch this video body sculpting tutorial and learn how to strengthen legs with deep squat exercises.

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