How To: Get a sexy bod w/ celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson

Get a sexy bod w/ celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson

In this video from PEOPLE celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shows us how to get a sexy body and keep it that way! First exercise is with your feet a little wider than shoulder length apart and bend and straighten. Do as many as you can. Try not to take breaks. Do up to 100. Next exercise is the butt pulse. Grab a chair and straighten your leg behind you holding yourself up by grabbing the chair. Lift the leg as high as you can and make little tiny pulses towards the ceiling. Next is the outer thigh flex and point. Hands on chair, feet together, shoulders down, lift one hip slightly, flex foot and point out to side. Next is double attitude lift. Hands behind your head, feet start stacked on top of one. Crunch up, slightly bend the right leg, lift to 90 degrees, hold the crunch, other legs comes up hold and back down. Next is advanced pike exercise. With a 3 pound weight, lay down on a mat, hands holding weight behind your head, meet your arms to your legs and crunch up, and back down not dropping your feet to the ground.

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