How To: Gain muscle mass by eating ten bulking foods

Gain muscle mass by eating ten bulking foods

Though we're currently in the middle of summer and most of us are either relaxing poolside or beachside, for teenage boys looking to make it as a star player on their high school's football team, summer means major sweat and pain time. Football players do gain a certain advantage out on the field when they increase their muscle and bulk up their frame, so many guys will work out hardcore while eating thousands of calories a day (think Taylor Lautner).

If you find yourself in this predicament but just can't seem to bulk up as fast as you'd like, there is a way to help speed up the process. In this episode of "Scooby's Workshop," you'll be run through the ten best bulking foods you can stuff into your mouth.

Bulking Foods:
mass gain shakes
peanut butter
whole milk
fried chicken
trail mix
thick steak

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