How To: Do a v-up ab exercise

Do a v-up ab exercise

The V-up is one of the more challenging ab exercises. While it may appear simple, there are several factors that make this exercise difficult to execute properly. Some of these factors include timing of the movement, counterbalancing, hip positioning, flexibility, and abdominal strength.

The instructions are as follows:

Lie down on your back. The arms are generally extended past the head. But they can be placed anywhere you feel comfortable. The next step is to contract the abdomen by lifting both your upper body and legs off floor. This movement is done simultaneously. You are trying to touch your toes as close to the midline of the body as possible. If you can't touch the toes, aim for the ankle or shin area, then slowly lower your upper body and legs down to the ground. Repeat as needed.

Step 1
Lie down on back. Extend arms.

Step 2
Lift back and legs off ground at same time. Aim to touch the toes.

Step 3
Return the start position. Repeat as needed.

Do a v-up ab exercise

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