How to Do a side kick with o-loop resistance

If you are trying to work the hips and butt, this exercise is for you! The side kick mainly targets the gluteus muscles. Any movement away from the center of the body is known as "abduction."

To perform the side kick exercise with resistance, place the tubing around the ankles. To add stability to the exercise, grasp hold of any stationary object. Start with the feet together. Next, move one leg outward/laterally as high as you can go. Maintain an erect posture as best you can. Slowly return to the starting position. Try not to let the "rubber band effect" take place. It is important to control the momentum of the resistance tubing during the side kick exercise.

Step 1
Secure resistance tubing around ankles, feet together.

Step 2
Raise the leg outward.

Step 3
Slowly return the leg to the starting position.

Do a side kick with o-loop resistance

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