How To: Do pushups on your coffee table

Do pushups on your coffee table

Rick Pitts takes us through how to do a push up using a coffee table.

First, he starts by doing a push up for shoulders and triceps. You do this by placing your hands slightly wider than shoulders with fingers pointing forward. Keep your elbows near body as you lower yourself towards the table.

He then changes to wide grip by putting the heal of his hand at the edge of the table to keep writs in neutral position. Lower your body and as you raise up, do not lock your elbows at the top. Keep a constant movement of up and down.

He alternates about 5 push ups the first way, then the second way. 2-3 sets of each without resting between sets.

You can get a workout anywhere when you use a little creativity. According to Rick, the key to a good workout is not to learn how machines work, but to learn how your body works.

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