How To: Do the pedestal pose to increase strength

Do the pedestal pose to increase strength

In order to do the increase your strength, through the Pedestal Pose Routine, you should begin in a modified pushup position. Resting on your elbows and looking down at the ground/floor, while you rest on pointed toes. Hold each pose for 20 seconds. Next, rotate over to one side. Remain resting on one elbow. Next, roll over onto your back, resting on both elbows. Next, roll over onto your other elbow. Make sure that you keep your spine aligned in all poses. Next, lie in modified fetal position and lift and lower your knees, like a clam. Then, do donkey kicks. Next, while still in table pose, rotate your legs in circles. Do ten on each side. You should do ten clockwise and ten counterclockwise. Lie on one side with the leg on the ground bent. Lift the top leg ten times on each side. Using a chair or a bar, repeat all of the exercise that you just performed in the table pose. This time, doing them standing.

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